Foreigners prefer rent house in Kolkata

West Bengal has predominantly been a place for Bengalis and these people have are well cultured and well educated. They have known the real joy of life and this is the reason why capital of this state, which is Kolkata, is also known as joy city. Being in the western most of India, this city was not much developed, since people of this city believed in their traditions and culture the most, but being one of the metropolitan cities of India, development was sure to hit this city, either today or tomorrow.

This was the first place to introduce tram and who can forget the famous Howrah Bridge residing in this city. These reasons are enough for anyone to visit this city and this attention of tourists has increased in past few years, which in turn has increased the need of residential areas. This place has so many things to offer and thus, people come here to stay for a long time and thus, they prefer to take rent house in Kolkata rather than staying in hotels. This way they can live along with the locals and know about their lifestyle and more about this city.

This city is a hidden gem

This city was not much explored by realtors but when they came to know the importance of this city, they showed interest and started investing in real estate of this city. This city is popular for some of the amazing and intelligent educational institutes and this constitutes of high percentage of students being living here. Thus, need of PG in Kolkata was so much, that people turned their homes into PG, realizing that by this way they were able to make some serious money out of nowhere. This shows as to how lucrative option can be to invest in properties in this city.

Along with these PGs been established in the city, retail markets also seen some progress.Since residential areas can never be complete without some commercial activities, both residential and commercial projects started to flourish in this city. Students not only need a good place to live, but they also look for some place to hang out with their friends and family members on weekends and this resulted in the increase in number of restaurants near various PGs of this city. Since Kolkata is famous for its food, food joints are something which is worth investing in.

Technology driven developments always get attention

Infrastructure is something which gives new face to a city and with some renowned builders showing interest in building some amazing structures in this city, you are sure to get good returns in future, if you invest in property in Kolkata. With the people already being modern enough, this city is experiencing some state of the art technology driven developments, which will give a new wave of joy to all those investors, who are putting in their money in these properties. With these projects in place, you do have various options to choose from varying from individual houses to flats and townships with all the modern amenities in place.